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My name is Maddy Carlson (she/her), along with @katiebril, I am one of the founders of Collective Arts, Maddy Carlson. I am a proud cat mom of two, wife, and artist living in Winston-Salem, NC. I hail from Washington State, attended school in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and have landed happily in North Carolina. Art making has been a part of my life ever since I held my first crayon,I have trained in painting, drawing, printmaking, and digital arts. ⠀ ⠀ I like to think of myself as a mixed bag when it comes to the art I practice, I love to paint and laser cut, I get crafty and silly, and I feel so deeply connected to the works I have made. One of my goals with Collective Arts is to emphasize an interdisciplinary art practice. After working in museums, art centers, and maker spaces for about 6 years my definition of art has grown. There are so many tools and types of technology at our disposal, that we should explore them.⠀

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Maddy Carlson
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