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Dorothy Sweet

North Carolina, USA

In 2012 a cancer diagnosis forced me to trade the corporate world for a whirlwind of tests, doctors, and surgeries. New side effects emerged with each treatment leaving me with a long list of ailments that consistently claimed attention. In 2013, I started writing poetry to help process my daily pain and emotional struggles. And in 2016 I discovered painting as therapy - a way to escape ongoing treatments and heal my soul.


As a self taught artist, my work is eclectic and strives to incorporate repurposed and reclaimed materials. I continue to learn and evolve as an artist while exploring different mediums and techniques. Instead of selecting a specific approach, each piece guides the choices I make. I find inspiration all around me - in things found in everyday life, the beauty of nature, and the faith that guides me. I strive to incorporate repurposed items into my work. Currently, I transform scratched vinyl record albums and CDs into painted clocks.


Art, creativity and the support of Cancer Services helped me survive “the dark side” of my treatments. I am committed that I will “pay it forward” by donating 10% of every sale to Cancer Services.

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