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Mario Molins

Binéfar (Huesca) / Spain

Mario Molins grew up in direct contact with Nature. He found something special and mystical in it, all of which created a transcendence, a deep love, respect and feeling of protection towards her. 

These deep emotions for nature have made "sprout" sculptures that have the tree and 

wood as protagonists. The tree for Molins is something sacred, a mystical link with Nature; an element of projection of the landscape. 

Molins seeks to create natural poetics through wood; trees report the years of rain, drought, or the territory where they  lived. Molins finds its essence inside, in its hidden part, he lets it speak as to discover a whole world; to show nature. 

The intervened trees come back to sprout in the form of sculptures and their splinters, in the manner of fractals, I make emerge on paper the trees that were.

Mario Molins has carried out the direct carving of a sculpture, about eight meters high, in a cypress that dried up in the José Antonio Labordeta Park in Zaragoza (Spain). It was called ‘Catharsis’. That was his conversation with Nature. But there were more dialogues to be had. Molins took a bud and melted it in gilded bronze, it turned out to be a direct melting of the branch of the cypress itself, a metaphor of life, of germination, of the seed. In several olive trees of the province of Huesca (Spain), he made other catharsis; he intervened semi-living trees in situ, resulting in immovable sculptures. Over time these sculptures have sprung back from the base and will be nature, tree and sculpture, that is to say, works of art that will produce olives from which virgin olive oil will be obtained, the liquid soul of the sculpture. 

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